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Volcano Launches The New 2 Piece E-Cig

Volcano Ecigs have just launched their latest VOLCANO STARTER KIT. The new kit now comes with 5 refillable Cartomizers, which makes this a 2 piece e-cig instead of the normal 3 piece Volcano. They are still offering competitive pricing on this new volcano kit starting at just $64.99.

The highest performing Volcano ecig and most stylish mini eCig on the market…. The Volcano eCig Starter Kit comes with a plethora of accessories that will have you vaping right out of the box. When fully assembled, it’s the exact same size as a tobacco cigarette.

Remember, all of Volcano pre-filled cartomizers are topped off with the finest USA made e-juice which is batch tested in a FDA approved lab. And as they are refillable, you can enjoy the savings by reusing the cartomizers while filling it with your favorite e-juice.

Volcano Ecigs have always had the best array of e-cig selection and outstanding customer service for post sales. If you are looking for a low price good quality e-cigarette, give them a try.

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