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VaporNine E-Cigarette Nebula

VaporNine may not be as widely known as Green Smoke or Blu Cig, but their e-cigarette, called Nebula, seems to have quite a following among the heavy ex-smokers. If you do some search on the internet, you will find only blazing reviews about VaporNine e-cig.

Nebula does not try to imitate a traditional cigarette in appearance. On the contrary, it is black and has a sleek, electronic design. It is a sturdy, high-quality vaping device, with impressive battery life. When fully charged, it will work for 4 to 8 hours, depending on how much you use it.

Nebula works like a small fog machine, with an air flow sensor that automatically turns the device on when being used. A LED indicator light at the tip even glows as you puff. The draw is very easy, it’s almost like sucking thru a straw, and the throat hit is great. After having tried different strengths, I can say it always delivers.

The variety of flavors offered is a plus. Although most smokers still go for Carolina Tobacco or 555 Tobacco Blend, vaping does offer an extra luxury of being able to add flavors. I have tried VaporNine Capuccino, and I find it to be a great morning smoke. My favorite is Blueberry though. The taste is acid and fruity and leaves you wanting for more.

Customer Service is 5 star, and shipping extra fast. I placed my order on a Wednesday morning and it arrived less than 48 hours later.

At only $69 for a Starter Kit, VaporNine’s Nebula is a great deal, compared to other companies that are charging $160 for a similar product. Highly recommended.


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