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V2Cigs Soft Case for Electronic Cigarettes

V2 Cigs has a reputation of introducing innovative vaping products. Recently, the company has scored some big points when they launched the elegant and practical Soft Case for electronic cigarettes.

The Soft Case has been manufactured to accommodate all V2 batteries. It is designed to provide cushion as well as the much needed protection to batteries, which can otherwise easily break if handled roughly. The fabric used here is of high density and has an attractive, sleek appearance. When the case is unzipped, you can see three slots for the batteries as well as four slots for the cartridges. There is also a small velcro-sealed pocket, which is used for holding other accessories. The Soft Case also has a hidden sleeve which can be used to store cash or credit cards.

In fact, this special case has been designed to ensure that even an e cigarette which is attached with a battery can be placed within the case with ease. Without a shadow of a doubt, this case has all the goodies that a smoking enthusiast requires for storing the essentials while on the move.

The Soft Case is also available in four color combinations:

  • Black exterior ∙ Silver interior
  • Black exterior ∙ Red interior
  • Silver exterior ∙ Midnight blue interior
  • Midnight blue exterior ∙ Silver interior

V2 Soft Case PROMOTIONAL SALE for a limited time for just $14.95 (regularly $19.95) today!

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