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V2Cigs Review

V2Cigs is probably the fastest growing e-cig brand. They came from nowhere in 2010 to become one of the most popular electronic cigarette brands in the world. This is due to their high-end, innovative technology and affordable prices.

V2Cigs are sleek, classy, and perform at a very high level. To see all advantages of the V2Cigs, watch this video.


V2Cigs offer several different starter kits, a large variety of flavors, their own E-liquid, and refillable cartridges.

The batteries come in plenty of sizes: 100mm(short), 110mm (standard), and 140 (long) size batteries. On top of that each battery can either be manual or automatic. Their latest model includes a 4.2 volt battery, which is one of the strongest on the market.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes sale promo

With V2Cigs, your entire order process is entirely customizable. The company runs frequent sales, almost bi-monthly, making their low prices even more attractive.

You really can’t go wrong with V2Cigs; their reputation extends to their superior customer service and good availability worldwide.


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