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The Safe Cig

If you do a search on the Internet for The SafeCig, you will see that it has excellent user reviews. This is due mainly to two  distinguishing features The Safe Cig:

  • Cartridge Life
    The style is similar to Green Smoke in that it is a two-part design, but The Safe Cig has the male adapter item on the refill cartridge and due to this they are able to place a larger refill in each and every cartridge so that every single cartridge lasts longer. Actually, each cartridge is equivalent to about two packs of conventional tobacco cigarettes.
  • Safety
    Each and every of The Safe Cig refill cartridges comes having a new atomizer that might be disposed of when the cartridge is applied up.
    The Safe Cig is only offered in 3 flavors since they want to closely mimic the offerings of traditional tobacco cigarettes. So The Safe Cig doesn’t offer exotic or fruit flavors as they genuinely only wish to promote their e-cigarette to present smokers, not to children.

The SafeCig also offers a 30-day satisfaction ensured guarantee plus a life time warranty on their e-cigarette. You will not find many e-cigarette companies which can stand behind their product like that.


  • 3 Flavors – Classic Tobacco (comparable to Camel cigarettes, Parliament cigarettes, Virginia Slims cigarettes), Menthol (comparable to some Newport cigarette, Marlboro Menthol cigarette), Marl (similar to classic Marlboro cigarette flavor)
  • 4 Nicotine Levels – 18mg, 14mg, 11mg, and 0mg
  • The cartridge consists of nicotine, water, propylene glycol and tobacco flavor
  • The Safe Cig – Five Cartridges – $12.50 ($2.50/cartridge)


  • Battery lasts around 5 to 7 hours when recharged, depending on the frequency of use.
  • The light at the tip of The Safe Cig begins flashing to signal when the battery is low and must be charged.
  • The Safe Cig Rechargeable Battery – $29.95

Products & Pricing:

  • The Safe Cig Starter Kit – $89.95
    5-Pack of Disposable Atomized Refill Cartridges in Flavor and Nicotine Strength of Choice
    2 Rechargeable Batteries
    1 Home/USB Charger Combo
  • The Safe Cig Special Bundle Package –$137.95
    10-Pack of Disposable Atomized Refill Cartridges in Flavor and Nicotine Strength of Choice
    3 Rechargeable Batteries
    1 Home/USB Charger Combo
    1 Car Charger
    1 Carrying Case
  • The Safe Cigar (aka The Las Vegas Smoker) – $59.95
    Equivalent to 10 Classic Cigars
    Available in 16mg and 11mg nicotine strength
  • Chargers
    The Car/USB Combo Charger – $19.95
    The USB Charger – $15.95
    The Home/USB Combo Charger – $19.95

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