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The Safe Cig Launches Improved Refill Cartridges

E-cigarettes may be a young industry, but their technology is quickly developing. Major electronic cigarette brands are making great progress with regards to technological innovations in vaping. Recently we saw the launch of Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartridges, designed to last longer, give more vapor and more flavor.

Now the Safe Cig electronic cigarettes are introducing the SGS Certified Refills. Both have the same aim: to give more vapor and more puffs and in effect, last longer.

The SafeCig Micro

New TheSafe Cig refills will also have the catcher feature that would stop any liquid nicotine from leaking into the mouth of the vaper. This is achieved by attaching a small sponge like substance to the battery, just before the mouthpiece. As any experienced e-cig smoker will tell you, there is no worse taste than the leaking nicotine liquid on your lips. The Safe Cig is the first brand that has come up with this innovative feature.

The new refills will come in six different nicotine strengths (from 0mg to 24mg) and you’ll be able to choose between three basic flavors: Menthol, Traditional and Classic Menthol.

Before you buy, check the latest Safe Cig Promotions and Coupon Codes.

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