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South Beach Smoke Ecigarette

South Beach Smoke is one of the most popular top rated brands, with high quality products and accessories. Their vaping device is high-tech, nicotine cartridge doesn’t leak, and there is no on or off switch on the e-cigarettes. As you inhale, the orange LED light at the tip glows like a real cigarette to let […]

Bull Smoke Ecigarette Review

Bull Smoke offers the best value for money vaping experience. It’s hard to beat the price of their starter kits, and if you’re on a budget, you’ll want to grab one of these. Some of their e-cigarette kits sell for as low as $29.95, which is roughly half the price of other brands. Few e-cigs […]


VaporFi™, formerly known as VaporZone, is one of the most popular ecigarettes today. Not surprising if you consider that the company behind them is International Vapor Group, known for two other top rated brands, Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke. They foresaw the need in the existing electronic cigarette market for advanced personal vaporizers for people […]

Volcano Ecig Express Kit – 25% Discount

Volcano Ecigs are offering 25% OFF discount on their VOLCANO EXPRESS KITS. These are already the least expensive starter kits on the market ($22.99) and now you can get them for only $17.25.     Here is the discou

Metro E-Cigarette Kits for Christmas

eCigaretteSolution is currently offering a special 15% discount to all their customers to celebrate the holidays. Their Metro E-Cigarette Starter Kits contain everything you need to switch from smoking to vaping. This is a great opportunity to get that special someone their first electronic cigarette for Christmas, or to simply stock up on refill cartridges […]

Volcano Express Starter Kits Xmas Sale

Volcano Ecigs are launching a huge 50% OFF discount on their VOLCANO EXPRESS KITS. These are already the least expensive starter kits on the market ($22.99) and now just for the holiday season till January 4th, they are cutting the price in half. So now you can get an ecig starter kit for just $11.49! […]

10% Off Starter Kits – LUCI coupon code

If you are looking for e-cigarette discounts, here is one. You can get 10% off on LUCI electronic cigarette kits with coupon code: FIREWORKS. Happy shopping!

The Long Awaited Volcano Express Kit is Here!

Volcano Ecigs have launched today the most affordable, easy to use, and upgradeable starter kit on the electronic cigarette market nowadays. The Volcano Express Kit is so practical and innovative, it is quite possibly the next game changer in the E-cig industry. The kit is a perfect solution for those who wish to try an […]

Smokeless Delite Starter Kits

Smokeless Delite is not a new e-cigarette brand on the market. Based in California, they have been selling their smokeless cigarettes in the States for several years, and have recently started shipping worldwide, with great success. The secret of this success is very simple: Smokeless Delite offers a high quality vaping device at a low […]

Volcano Launches The New 2 Piece E-Cig

Volcano Ecigs have just launched their latest VOLCANO STARTER KIT. The new kit now comes with 5 refillable Cartomizers, which makes this a 2 piece e-cig instead of the normal 3 piece Volcano. They are still offering competitive pricing on this new volcano kit starting at just $64.99. The highest performing Volcano ecig and most […]