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It’s Official: FDA Can’t Regulate E-Cigs

The Food and Drug Administration has lost another battle in its fight to regulate what goes into so-called electronic cigarettes. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Jan. 24 said it would not review a decision blocking the products from FDA regulation as medical devices. An FDA spokesman said the […]

Court Ruling: FDA Can’t Regulate E-Cigarettes

HALLANDALE, FL–(Marketwire – 12/08/10) – Vapor Corp. is delighted to announce yesterday’s significant victory for the electronic cigarette industry. The U.S. federal appeals court found that as long as electronic cigarettes aren’t marketed as a way to treat or cure a disease, i.e., smoking cession aids, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration lacks the authority […]

The Electronic Cigarette Story

The SafeCig Beats Smoking Ban in Virginia

Glad to bring you some good news in the ongoing battle between FDA and electronic cigarette companies. The SafeCig has affirmed its name by beating the ban in Virginia.

FDA Blocking Research of E-Cigarette

The FDA has attempted to ban an alternative to smoking called the electronic cigarette, has attempted to define the device as a drug delivery device and is continuing to seize imports of e-cigarettes. 

Now Spike Babaian, the President of the National Vapers’ Club, a consumers’ organization set up to promote and protect the product, claims […]

FDA Smoke Screen on Electronic Cigarettes

Following up on FDA’s warnings about the possible dangers of electronic cigarettes, I searched the net for more information, and the most valid article I found, that basically sums it all up, was written by Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, the president of the American Council on Science and Health. It is quoted here below in full. […]