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V2Cigs Discount Coupon Code

We are happy to offer you an exclusive coupon code for 10% discount on all purchases from www.v2cigs.com. COUPON CODE: ecigs-shop This coupon code is valid for ALL V2 Cigs merchandise, including kits, cartridges, and accessories. Happy shopping!

E-Cigarette Halloween Sale

Vapor Corp has just announced a Halloween treat for their customers: 20% off TRICK OR TREAT SPECIAL for all online purchases made from their web stores: smoke51.com, greenpuffer.com, and kraveit.com. Simply enter in the COUPON CODE: TRICKORTREAT20% when checking out of your shopping cart. This discount will apply to all online orders placed between, Monday, […]

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Smokeless Delite offers a generous 25% discount on their products. To lower the price of your order, all you need to do on checkout is remember to use coupon code: Email. Happy Shopping!

SmokeFree Online Coupon Codes

Here is the sweet deal of Smoke Free E-Cigarettes: To get 15% off for any purchase on the site, use Coupon Code: 15PROFF To get 20% off on Electronic Cigarette Kits, use Coupon code: 20PRCSH If you plan to spend a lot of money, here are some more discounts: To get 30% off on orders […]

SouthBeachSmoke Cyber Monday Coupon Code

24 Hours Only! Save 20% Off any and every purchase at SouthBeachSmoke.com! Enter Coupon Code: CYBERMONDAY on check-out.  Valid:  29th November 2010 (24 Hours Only!) Happy Thanksgiving!

Army Style eCig by ePuffer- 25% Off

ePuffer launches “MAGNUM UNO M500” Army style Disposable Electronic Cigarette to Declare War on Cancer! This new e-cig is aimed to encourage soldiers, squaddies and other people with an interest in the forces to swap conventional smoking for vaping, a healthier alternative. The military-edition Disposable UNO Magnum E-cigarette is free from tobacco, tar and cancer-causing […]

Sedansa Summer Sale

Sedansa, one of Europe’s premium e-cig brands, has just announced the Summer Sales period from the 1st to the 31st of July 2010. This is a great opportunity to get a premium electronic cigarette at reduced price. A 30% discount will apply for the entire Sedansa catalog, just click on the banner below.

Cloud 9 Coupon Code

To receive a 5% discount for every purchase made, use coupon code: 0123