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Cigarti Disposable Ecigarettes

Cigarti has since its beginning made clear that electronic cigarettes are as much a fashion accessory as they are a vaping device. True to its claim, Cigarti e-cigarettes are custom designed with the most beautiful variety of skins. Now the company has launched the Cigarti Disposables, a perfect smoking alternative for special occasions, such as […]

V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

With the beginning of the new year, V2Cigs is launching new V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes, which were previously available only in convenience stores. V2 Disposables have been designed to bring great taste and rich vapor, and tested to deliver high quality performance. They are available in two flavors: full-flavored tobacco and refreshing menthol, in light […]

Army Style eCig by ePuffer- 25% Off

ePuffer launches “MAGNUM UNO M500” Army style Disposable Electronic Cigarette to Declare War on Cancer! This new e-cig is aimed to encourage soldiers, squaddies and other people with an interest in the forces to swap conventional smoking for vaping, a healthier alternative. The military-edition Disposable UNO Magnum E-cigarette is free from tobacco, tar and cancer-causing […]

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – Are They Here to Stay?

Traditional electronic cigarettes are fundamentally made up of three parts, a battery, and atomiser and a nicotine−containing cartridge. With NicoLite disposable electronic cigarettes the atomiser has been combined with the cartridge to make a more efficient, more reliable, simply to use product, when puffing on the nicolite, it asorbs nicotine into the body the same […]