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Support Grows for Workplace Smoking Bans

The majority of smokers and employers worldwide are now in support of 1005 smoke-free work sites, suggesting the need for new smoking bans and a global cessation program.

Employees and employers from Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey and the United Kingdom took part in a global workplace smoking survey. Around 75% of workers who smoke and 87 percent of employers supported a smoke-free work place.

Although nearly three-quarters of employees supported workplace smoking bans, this varied by region and country. Seventy-eight percent of Asian employees supported smoke-free work sites, compared to only 51 percent of European employees.

Support for workplace smoking bans among employers was 87 percent in all countries. The greatest support was in India at 96 percent, Taiwan 95 percent and the United Kingdom 95 percent. The least support for a smoking ban was in South Korea 72 percent and Japan 73 percent according to figures published in International Journal of Public Health.

The electronic cigarette is an ideal solution for both employers and smokers who wish to smoke a cigarette in the workplace. The electronic cigarette does no fall into the smoking ban category. It is legal to use an electronic cigarette in an office or shop, on building sites and in company vehicles such as wagons and vans.

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