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SparkPlug for Smokers™

Sparkplug is a new vaping device on the market. Its innovative design is revolutionizing the concept of electronic cigarettes. Sparkplug was made to be durable, reliable, and affordable long-term smoking alternative, built with the day-to day smoker in mind.

What distinguishes Sparkplug from other electronic cigarettes is that it uses a totally mechanical system requiring no wires, circuits or sensors of any kind. This means less moving parts, and therefore less that can break or malfunction. Sparkplug does not resemble analogue cigarette, but rather looks like a fountain pen.

The standard e-cig uses a battery that powers a vacuum sensor to mimic a drag of a real cigarette. It has a charge life of approximately 2-5 hours. The SparkPlug for Smokers™ uses a rechargeable CR123 battery that delivers a 6-16 hours per charge life. Its fingertip control allows you to completely control the drag.

Another thing to consider is that the CR123 battery offers the voltage and that provides a great smoke volume.

As with all quality products, Sparkplug for Smokers offers Lifetime Warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. They also provide accessible 24-hour customer service online and via phone.

SparkPlug for Smokers™

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