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South Beach Smoke SuperMax Battery

A couple of weeks ago South Beach Smoke launched the new (4.2v) SuperMAX™ Deluxe Battery, and already it is causing quite a buzz among vapers. The new battery is among the most advanced on the market today and produces much higher amounts of vapor compared to other brands.

The new SuperMax Battery from South Beach Smoke

At the end of the battery you’ll see a brilliant crystal, which emits an orange glow when you inhale, providing a realistic smoking experience.

SuperMax batteries come in black and white, and you can choose between two switch types (automatic and manual). They are available in 2 sizes:
Standard (2.5 inches) – 300-400 puffs
High Capacity (3.25 inches) – 500-600 puffs

E-Cigarette Battery

NOTE:  Existing customers that are currently using South Beach Smoke old Deluxe battery, will need to purchase a new wall charger to be compatible with the new SuperMAX batteries.

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