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Smokeless Delite – The Premo E-Cigarette Kit

The Premo Edition electronic cigarette Starter Kit by Smokeless Delite is about the size of an actual cigarette in length. The Premo electronic cigarette kit comes ready to use right out of the box. You do not need to purchase additional electronic cigarette hardware unless additional e-cigarette accessories are desired.

Included in the Premo Edition Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit:

  • 1 ( FREE ) pack of electronic cigarette cartridges
  • 1 Complete Unit ( 1 Battery & 1 Atomizer)
  • 1 ( FREE) Smokeless electronic cigarette Delite Battery
  • 1 Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette Charger
  • 1 Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette Power Line
  • 1 Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette Instruction Manual

You will receive 5 Free cartridges with your electronic cigarette starter kit. The e-cigarette cartridges that come  with the kit are in Natural Cigarette Flavor and include-

  • (2) Natural Cigarette Flavor- High (16 mg)
  • (2) Natural Cigarette Flavor- Medium (11 mg)
  • (1) Natural Cigarette Flavor- Low ( 6 mg)

Just put in your new electronic cigarette cartridge and you’re ready to use your new e-cigarette by Smokeless Delite. It’s that simple!

Smokeless Delite

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