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E-Cig Scams

Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. This can be seen also in the influx of e-cig spam emails we receive every day. Unfortunately for such a great product, these spams are also scams, and most people who order from these companies will be inclined to think that generally, all e-cigs are a waste of time.

The “free” trials are never free. They are scams and almost every day a new website selling ecigs pops up. If you make the mistake and place an order with them, you will be charged an initial price for your starter kit and you will be billed every month afterward for worthless cartridges. They will not respond to requests to cancel your account. You will be forced to change your bank card to get them to stop billing you.

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E-cigarette models and prices vary a great deal from $50 to over $200 for a Starter Kit, so you would want to know what it is you are getting out of it. So once again, stay away from the free trials or free e-cigs… They are a major rip off. You will find online deals for around $10.00 – stay away from those too. They usually don’t work at all and they are not even worth the return postage to send it back.

How to tell if e-cig is a scam:

  • Extra fees in small print
  • Automatic Billing to Credit Card
  • Saying they can be used anywhere
  • Claims that it’s FDA accepted
  • Claims Health Benefits

Here is a list of known e-cig scam sites:

  • Smoking Everywhere
  • Smoke 51
  • Smoke Assassin
  • Smoke Assist
  • Elecktric Blue
  • Knight Sticks
  • Clean Smoke
  • Xhale O2
  • E Cigarettes USA
  • Deluxe Vapor
  • LUX E-cig
  • Smokers Saviour
  • Smokeless cig now
  • Elektro Cig
  • Prado E-Cig
  • tryecigarette.com (Malware Site)
  • Smoke Star
  • ecigarette-kimree.com (Malware Site)
  • softsmokes.com
  • E-Rette
  • Direct E-Cig
  • freeelectroniccigarette.net

Do your research before you buy. Don’t be sorry to spare a few extra bucks for a good quality product. Check out the trusted, premium brands that provide full time customer service and money back guarantee.