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Review of V2 Cigs Couples Kit

My husband and I just recently purchased the V2 Couples Kit.  And needless to say, we are VERY disappointed.


First of all, some of the cartridges produce vapor, some don’t.  Also, my husband cannot get a cartridge that is strong enough for him.  When we received the product, on our very first charge, they did not charge properly and I called customer service and they said they had been having problems with their chargers and they were aware of the problem and still shipped them anyway (RED FLAG!), but that we had a one year warranty and that if it messed up the battery they would replace it within that time frame.  I was VERY DISSATISFIED  with this company and the product.

Last but not least, they will not refund the shipping, and we purchased other cartridges to make sure we found the one we liked best (thinking they would be worth the money and we would be satisfied with the product) and they will not refund our money for those either.

I would NOT recommend this company, they have faulty products, bad customer service and are NOT willing to please the customer.  I hope this helped!

Posted by S. Bolin

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