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Portable Carrying Charger E-Cig Kit

Smokeless Delite has lowered its prices on all kits, and added a new portable carrying charger (PCC) kit.

The Portable Carrying Charger (PCC) Kit is equipped with everything you need to begin your new smokeless lifestyle. It is a charger on the go kit that looks like a pack of cigarettes but holds a charger for your e-cig battery, the atomizer, and 4 individual cartridges to carry with you.

The Portable Carrying Charger has 3 LED’s on the case that let you know how much battery life is left on the charger for the charger. When the LED changes from green, to yellow, to red, it lets you know that it is time to charge your PCC. If you charge it overnight, it will keep your e-cig battery charged all day. Check out the video below to understand better how the PCC works.


The Portable Carrying Charger Kit comes with:
* 1 -Portable Charger Device
* 1- Premo Electronic cigarette Battery
* 1- Premo Atomizer
* 1- FREE Pack Of High Nicotine Cartridges

Smokeless Delite has also added the flavor menthol into its kits instead of only having cigarette flavor as an option.

The Portable Carrying Charger (PCC) Kit

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