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New PremiumOne Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Leading online retailer of smokeless cigarettes, Premium Electronic Cigarette, is  excited to announce a brand new product to the electronic cigarette market. Along with the variety of e-cigarette kits and styles already available on the website, they are now offering the PremiumOne disposable cigarette that acts as a single piece electronic cigarette.

While many people may prefer to purchase their electronic cigarettes in a kit, providing them with extra batteries, cartridges and chargers, there are many people who are attracted to the PremiumOne disposable electronic cigarette style. These disposable cigarettes are equivalent to twenty-five traditional cigarettes or 360+ puffs. Complete with one battery, one atomizer and one cartridge, this disposable cigarette makes it possible for people to try e-cigarettes at a very low price before making the investment in a smokeless cigarette kit.

This e-cigarette comes in one single piece and is fully charged and ready to use. There is no assembly required, whereas with the other e-cigarettes people will need to recharge the batteries and screw the parts together. This disposable cigarette is available in two colors for customers to choose from including the black with LED as well as the white with yellow LED. The PremiumOne cigarette comes with three different nicotine levels to choose from including high, medium and low as well as tobacco or menthol flavors.

“These electronic cigarettes provide smokers with the freedom to smoke anywhere and it looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette. We wanted to give our customers the option to try our smokeless cigarettes with the PremiumOne disposable cigarette. Not only do these disposable cigarettes allow people to sample the e-cigarettes at a low price, but they are also convenient for taking to such places as bars and restaurants,” says Premium Electronic Cigarette owner Vitali Servutas.

Electronic cigarettes perform similarly to traditional smoking as it looks, feels and tastes like a cigarette. The difference, though is the e-cigarette is driven by a rechargeable battery and replaceable cartridge that contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine as well as a scent that tastes like the classic cigarette flavor. Depending on the model, there are also many different flavors to choose from for taste variations. This non-flammable technological advancement allows the smoker to inhale, satisfying the craving that traditional smokers seek as well as triggering simulated smoke that is actually a vapor mist that evaporates into the air.

Press Release Courtesy of Online PR News

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