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A New Small eCig from Volcano eCigs

Volcano E-Cigs have recently launched a new e-cigarette model, called Magma-T.

Magma T is very easy to refill and brings amazing amount of vapor, more then the Inferno. This e-cigarette is bound to attract many customers because of its small size and power. The battery does not last as long as the Inferno, but that doesn’t really matter here, as the Magma T Kit is equipped with all new on the go M-pack with many new features including a light inside. This kit also comes with new waterproof batteries in color, USB charger, wall charger and a bottle of USA made premium e-liquid, all for just $74.99.

The Volcano Cigs  has been testing the Magma T for months and they say that this is guaranteed to be the best small sized e-cig kit available currently on the market. Considering that White Cloud has just launched their new, small e-cig Cirrus3, this is a bold statement. Volcano ECigs Magma T has one significant advantage compared to Cirrus3 – it is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper…

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