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Magic Mist Cartridges – Quality Refills at Low Prices

Save money on refill cartridges that are compatible with the top electronic cigarette brands! The Magic Mist cartridges are designed to give you a smoking experience with better taste and more vapor.

The high quality and low price make these cartridges a perfect solution for  e-cig refills. The cartridges are available in Tobacco and Menthol flavors with three different nicotine levels: High (16mg), Medium (11mg) and Low (6mg).

The Magic Mist cartridges are compatible with The Safe Cig©, Green Smoke®, Blucigs™ or V2cigs™, but are not in any way affiliated with them.

Feel free to make use of this one-time discount, and get 25% off your order:

COUPON CODE: TasteTheMagic

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