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Sparki Smokeless System™- Innovative Smoking Alternative

SparkPlug for Smokers™ is an innovative smoking alternative that aims to distinguish itself from electronic cigarettes in functionality and design.

Their latest vaping device patented as the Sparki Smokeless System™ operates solely on mechanical basis, requiring no wires, circuits or sensors of any kind, and therefore, “nothing to fail”. As a result, the design of SparkPlug for smokers™ differs greatly from the industry norm. The all-mechanical design is far more durable and gives it a robust look. You can choose from different colors: black, white, metallic, and pink.Yet the best feature of Sparki is that it uses a rechargeable CR123 battery that allows for up to 24 hours per charge, which is unparalleled by standard e-cigarettes. Its fingertip control lets you control the drag.

Sparki™ Refill Cartridges provide the equivalent of up to one pack of cigarettes each, and you can fill them with various flavors. All e-Liquids are made in the US. Currently, twelve different flavors are available.SparkPlug for Smokers™ is a USA company which provides accessible 24-hour customer service online and over the phone. They offer thirty days risk free warranty on their products.

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