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Halloween E-Cig Costume Contest

Vapor Corp has announced the Halloween E-Cigarette Costume Contest.  The contest is simple – make your costume looks like an eCig OR incorporate our logo and www.smoke51.com creatively and readable on your Regular Halloween costume, submit at least 2 pictures, and whomever gets the most public votes, wins the $5,000 prize!

Vapor Corp is also giving away secondary prizes of $500 for creative costumes that in some way associate with their brand or electronic cigarette product.

Be creative, get noticed, get votes, and tell all your friends to vote!

Registration ends October 31. Sign up now, and submit your costume pictures between Nov 1st-Nov 4th!


October 1st – 31st: Registration for the Costume Contest
November 1st – 4th: Costume Photo Submissions
November 5th – 15th: Users Vote for best eCig Costume


  • The Smoke 51 eCig Halloween Costume Contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 years, located in the United States.
  • COSTUME must be made to look like an electronic cigarette in order to qualify for the grand Prize of $5000
  • If your COSTUME is not made to resemble and electronic cigarette, and only incorporates our logo, then you will only qualify for the secondary prize of a $500 gift certificate to smoke51.com products.
  • COSTUME must incorporate one of the Vapor Corp logos to qualify
  • COSTUMES  that do not resemble an eCig will only qualify for secondary prize, and will NOT qualify for the Grand Prize
  • YOUR COSTUME MUST BE HOME MADE. We are looking for YOUR work and creativity. Costumes purchased or rented or any costumes made for you by a professional designer or seamstress do not qualify. There are exceptions to the “purchased or rented” policy; for instance, if only one or two minor components of the costume were purchased. Exceptions in this case will be at the discretion of the judging team.
  • Costumes must be self-contained. Connections to electrical sockets will not be available.
  • You must submit at least 2 pictures showing our logo and full costume.


  • Your must register for the Halloween Costume Contest by October 31st to be included in the contest. No exceptions.


  • All entrants will have a chance to receive votes via the internet.
  • All entrants have the right to promote to get votes.


  • By registering, all Halloween Costume Contest participants agree to let the Vapor Corp,
    Smoke 51 and Krave to use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video.
  • Each entrant shall indemnify, defend, and hold the Vapor Corp harmless from any third
    party claims arising from or related to that entrant’s participation in the contest. In no event shall the Vapor Corp be liable to an entrant for acts or omissions arising out of or related to the contest or that entrant’s participation in the contest.

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