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Fired For Vaping

Although it has been proven and scientifically certified that vaping is not nearly as harmful as smoking, electronic cigarettes  have been stigmatized due to the efforts of large tobacco companies. In the States, FDA hasn’t been able to find harmful substances in any of the e-cigarette contents. E-Cigs are just arriving to Europe, and it was widely expected they wouldn’t be facing so much anti-publicity as in the US. Which is why it is so unnerving to find that in United Kingdom, a customer of E-Cigarette Direct had been fired for using an electronic cigarette.

Following instructions, bus driver Joanne was not using the electronic cigarette while driving but at a turnaround when, without warning, she was fired for gross misconduct.

The managing director of E-Cigarette Direct wrote to her company, Country Liner, explaining that the electronic cigarette was legal, and passing on the opinion of scientists that the device carried no risk of passive smoking, and asking them to reconsider their decision to fire Joanne. They have received no reply. Joanne also has not received a reply to her appeal, the last three days of her salary or the travelling expenses she needed to go to her appeal.

After losing her job, Joanne is now on job seekers allowance, which is not enough to cover her bills – she has already received payment penalties for not meeting interest payments. She will soon have to cut off her internet and mobile phone. However, her main concern is not to get her job back but to clear her name – Joanne is concerned that with a black mark against her  she will never get a job in a bus company again.

Joanne is worried this will happen to other vapers in other jobs. Legally, Joanne is in the right – there are no restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes. Indeed, in one instance when a hospital called the police to stop one of our customers from smoking the police told the hospital that our customer was completely in his rights to smoke.

Based on what we know so far, this is not a just decision, and we hope you will join us in urging CountryLiner to reconsider. You can find their contact details here: http://www.countryliner-coaches.co.uk/contacts.asp.

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