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Army Style eCig by ePuffer- 25% Off

ePuffer launches “MAGNUM UNO M500” Army style Disposable Electronic Cigarette to Declare War on Cancer!

This new e-cig is aimed to encourage soldiers, squaddies and other people with an interest in the forces to swap conventional smoking for vaping, a healthier alternative.

The military-edition Disposable UNO Magnum E-cigarette is free from tobacco, tar and cancer-causing chemicals. However, when inhaled, it still produces a realistic and harmless vaporizing smoke. It has a stylish Army-style camouflage skin that will appeal to fans of the military.

MAGNUM UNO M500 is available now and shipping to all locations within the United Kingdom, Europe and North America.

To accompany the launching, ePuffer is giving a special introductory offer so you can purchase MAGNUM UNO at discounted price Saving 25% OFF. Remember to use coupon code: UNO-25OFF.

The discount coupon code applies to all Disposable MAGNUM UNO models and valid until September 30th, 2010.

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