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E-Cigs The Best No Smoking Zone Device

Electronic cigarettes are the only no smoking zone device, unless you are going to break the law or pretend you can get by with patches and gum – which, if you are a real smoker, you can’t. Now, whether you want to quit or not, the no smoking zone forces you either to stay away, skulking in the shadows and the rain like a pariah, or to come inside and spend the evening scratchy and irritated because you are withdrawing from your drug. E cigs give you the answer – and a great way to stick a finger up at the establishment that has banned you from using while you’re doing it.

The poor old smoker has been left out in the cold over the last 7 years. It’s like the end of the Cold War, for anyone who used to light up in pubs and clubs. Suddenly we’re like all those Russian agents who thought they would get a new home in the States when the Curtain came down, only to get sold out for something else. We’ve been abandoned by the state that used to love us to buy fags so it could cream that fat tax check off the top of every purchase.

So grab your electronic cigarettes and get yourself into the nearest pub. Order your favorite drink, kick back and start puffing on your e cigs. You’ll feel like the king of the god damned world.

Why? Because cigarettes, the old ones with tobacco in that we used to be able to enjoy every time we had a beer, demanded more from us than simple addiction. They wanted association too. They wanted to know that we had favourite drinks to have with them. Favourite times of day to use them. And so when the ban came in we were orphaned. Now, with the advent of electronic cigarettes, we can have that first drink after work cigarette, in the pub. Not outside: in.

We can have that after the meal smoke. Using e cigs in a restaurant. No more scuttling out onto the street, disturbing a half digested meal so the fag you finally puff away doesn’t tastes half as good as you thought it would. No, with the electronic cigarette on your side you get to enjoy your smoke in all the places people thought they would never see you smoking again.

There’s a fundamental truth in the e cigarette, which only smokers will ever understand. We associate a tube in the hand and a drag in the throat with company, with socialising and drinking and having a good time. We like to breathe in smoke and listen, breathe it out and talk. Until electronic cigarettes came along, we were unable to do that. We had to absent ourselves from any gathering in a no smoking area. We were self ostracised, just so we could fill up on nicotine.

E cigs are the single greatest boon ever to be bestowed on a nation of dispossessed smokers. Forget hypnotism, patches and gum. None of them contain those ingredients we really want. The cigarette, the glowing coal, the puff of smoke, the lungful. Where else but with e cigs can you get all those things in the places that have banned tobacco for good?

Smokers unite! Get down to your nearest shop or online store and start finding out how electronic cigarettes could reclaim your favourite bar stool for you.

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