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Electronic Cigarette – An Effective Alternative To Smoking

The SafeCig, together with CASAA, have filed a petition with The White House asking for the recognition of electronic cigarettes as an effective alternative to smoking. They are requesting the Obama Administration to recognize electronic cigarettes as an alternative needs signature and to support the creation of jobs in this new industry.

Scientific opinion maintains that e-cigarettes have in the region of 1% or less the risk of tobacco cigarettes. Yet the E-Cig industry threatens huge financial interests:

  •     tobacco
  •     pharmaceutical (via the supply of nicotine cessation aids)
  •     the anti-smoking lobby (funded by the big pharma payments)
  •     government via smokers taxes and, in the US, special payments from tobacco companies

Given these interests it’s perhaps not surprising that there is a powerful lobby which aims to ban e-smokes or suppress them through restrictive legislation. See here The Electronic Cigarette Story.

The following is from the petition at WhiteHouse.Gov:

“Electronic cigarettes have just begun to capture the attention of the American public, 24% of whom are regular cigarette smokers. This new technology has shown promise in reducing the adverse health effects associated with smoking, while delivering an experience that can satisfy the cravings that make quitting so difficult. It’s no secret that smoking accounts for nearly $100 billion dollars in healthcare costs annually- not to mention the productivity lost when smokers fall ill or pass away due to smoking related diseases. The administration’s support for this emerging technology would pave the way for reducing the societal costs of smoking, while creating jobs in a new sector that has grown significantly in the past two years. Support job creation and deficit reduction by signing now!”

With the lengthy battle to be able to provide with electronic cigarettes, The SafeCig asks that consumers reach out and support the continued effort to provide a viable smoking alternative while stimulating a sluggish economy through the introduction of new United States based jobs.

Please take a few moments and SIGN THE PETITION HERE!

Source: (PRWEB) October 05, 2011

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