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  1. How do electronic cigarettes work?

    Electronic cigarettes are made of 3 components: a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. When you take a drag,  and the tip lights, the battery powered atomizer heats the air drawn into the electronic device so that it vaporizes the liquid nicotine solution in the cartridge. The vapor is then inhaled into the mouth and lungs fully simulating the smoking experience and satisfying the craving smokers seek.

    The so called “smoke” is actually just water vapor that leaves no lingering odor typical to traditional cigarettes.

  2. How are electronic cigarettes switched on?

    Most models switch on automatically when you take a drag. There are a few devices that feature manual switches, and they have their advantages and disadvantages.

  3. How often should I recharge the battery?

    Most e-cigarette models blink the lighted tip a certain number of times to indicate that the battery should be recharged. Starter kits normally come with at least one spare battery so that you can use the device while the battery is recharged.

    Should you experience little or no vapor, ensure that the battery is fully charged and properly attached to the device and that the cartridge is firmly inserted in the end of the device. Also, check the cartridge to make sure that it doesn’t need to be replaced.

  4. How long do the batteries last before needing a recharge?

    Depending on the style of battery (pen-style, mini, cigar etc.) and intensity of usage, electronic cigarette batteries will last 1 – 3 days before needing to be recharged.

    On many devices the indicator light on the tip will blink 20-30 times when the battery is getting low on power. Manufacturers recommend carrying spare batteries and a charger when traveling.

  5. How long do batteries take to recharge?

    This varies by style (pen-style, mini, cigar etc.), but on average a new battery may need to be charged for about 3 hours the first time. Subsequent recharges should take about 2 hours.

    Most chargers have an indicator light that turns green to let you know when the charging cycle is complete.

  6. How many times can a battery be recharged?

    Depending on style (pen-style, mini, cigar etc.), a standard battery can be recharged over 300 times.

  7. How do the ingredients in e-cigarettes compare to those in regular cigarettes?

    Electronic cigarettes contain water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that emulates a tobacco flavor, other flavorings, and a membrane to suspend the ingredients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined propylene glycol to be “generally recognized as safe” for use in food, cosmetics, and medicines. However, use in simulated smoking devices is not currently included in the list of usages generally recognized as safe.

  8. What is the smoke that is inhaled?

    This smoke is water vapor with the contents of the nicotine cartridge that evaporates into the air within seconds and leaves virtually no odor. There are no additional / unwanted chemicals produced in the vaporization process because there is no chemical reaction or combustion taking place as with regular cigarettes.

  9. How much nicotine is in the replacement cartridges?

    Replacement nicotine cartridges have different levels of nicotine in them. The nicotine levels range from about 0 – 18mg and some may even have more nicotine. Each level is meant to correspond to real cigarettes in the following manner:

    • High cartriges have ~18mg of nicotine which is equivalent to a regular cigarette
    • Medium cartridges have ~12mg of nicotine which is equivalent to a light cigarette
    • Low cartridges have ~6mg of nicotine which is equivalent to an ultra light cigartte
    • Zero cartridges have 0mg nicotine
  10. How long do electronic cigarette cartridges last?

    Depending on the intensity of your average inhalation and the style of the device you are using, here is an approximate break-down of how long each style should last but remember that this will vary for everyone:

    • One mini style cartridge should last the same as about 1/2 pack of regular cigarettes.
    • One pen-style style cartridge should last the same as about 1 1/2 – 2 packs of regular cigarettes.
    • One cigar style cartridge should last the same as 2 or more packs of regular cigarettes.
  11. What is the shelf life of electronic cigarette cartridges?

    If stored in a cool dry place, a cartridge should last 2 years from purchase date.

  12. Can I refill my cartridges with nicotine solution purchased on in a smoke shop or the web?

    Some vapers have started to “drip” their cartridges in order to increase nicotine levels, or alter flavor, and/or reduce the cost of smoking electronic cigarettes even further. Manufacturers in general look down on this, and say that this practice as well as using cartridges no sold specifically for the your device voids the warranty of your device.

    You can do whatever works for you, but if you are concerned about violating your warranty check with your supplier first.

  13. When should I replace a cartridge?

    As a rule of thumb, when the vapor volume is reduced below a satisfactory level this usually means that your cartridge needs to be replaced. There is a chance that your battery may need to be recharged as well although most devices blink the tip when the battery needs a recharge.

    Just to be sure, you can remove the cartridge and look at it. Over time you will learn what the “membrane” inside the cartridge looks like when it needs to be replaced. Usually it will appear extra white in color and dry looking. Also, the fibers from the membrane will protrude from the cartridge.

  14. Do electronic cigarettes carry warranties?

    Yes, most manufacturers and suppliers offer the standard 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects and workmanship. SmokeTip offers lifetime warranty on its products.

    Keep in mind that some manufacturers do not cover all components in their warranty. Some may cover batteries and chargers for one year, but not the atomizer.

  15. Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes, most suppliers and manufacturers offer money back guarantees to encourage you to try the product for at least 30 days time and allow you the opportunity to return it and get your money back if you don’t like it.

  16. Does electronic cigarette smoke smell?

    The odor from electronic cigarettes is barely noticeable and is nothing like traditional cigarettes.

  17. Can I smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere?

    Yes. Since e-cigs are non-flammable, contain no tobacco and emits no second-hand smoke, it is not a form of smoking that would be prohibited under laws prohibiting smoking in public.

    Many people have e-smoked without any complaint in restaurants, bars, airports, airplanes, the workplaces, and other locations where traditional tobacco smoking is discouraged or prohibited.

  18. Are electronic cigarettes healthier than regular cigarettes?

    Manufacturers and suppliers of electronic cigarettes technically are not permitted to market electronic cigarettes as healthy or healthier than regular cigarettes.

    You should look at the facts when comparing electronic cigarettes and regular tobacco cigarettes, and form your own opinion.

  19. Do electronic cigarettes taste the same as regular cigarettes?

    Electronic cigarettes cartridges that come in tobacco and menthol flavors do taste similar to light cigarettes and cigars but are smoother and less harsh.

    Electronic cigarette cartridges are also offered in a wide variety of other flavors that are not characteristic to traditional cigarettes. Most suppliers will give you a complimentary flavors variety pack in the strength of your choice so you can sample them.

  20. Does smoking electronic cigarettes cost less than traditional smoking products?

    Yes.  The amount saved depends on your smoking habits and the style of electronic cigarette (pen-style, mini, cigar etc.) you are using.

    The reviews on this web-site provide information about the cost of starter kits and cartridges on each brand and style that can be used to give you idea how much smoking electronic cigarettes will save you.

    Some vapers “drip” their cartridges with nicotine solution purchased in smoke shops or on the web but you should be advised that this could void your warranty with the manufacturers and suppliers of electronic cigarettes.

  21. Do electronic cigarettes require any maintenance?

    In general, the only maintenance required is charging and replacing batteries, as well as inserting fresh cartridges. Occasionally atomizers go bad and need to be replaced as well. A new atomizer costs about $10.

    Some electronic cigarettes have cleaning cycles that automatically clean the device for 10-15 seconds about every 1500 puffs or so. After the cleaning cycle the device usage can resume to normal.

  22. Where can I buy refill cartridges?

    It is recommended that refill cartridges be purchased from a manufacturer or supplier that sells cartridges for your device.

    Some manufacturers and suppliers offer automatic refill programs that ship a predetermined number of refill cartridges to you each month. Participation in these programs is voluntary and sometimes reduces the cost of the cartridges.

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