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Electronic cigarettes are a new gadget sold mostly over the Internet. In a relatively short time, they have flooded the shrinking smoking market like an epidemic, and now it’s foreseeable that they will take it over completely in the near future.

That is completely understandable considering that compared to the traditional cigarette, this new device, the electronic cigarette, is by far a superior product. For one, it is completely customizable: not only can you choose a fancy personalized skin, but you can also select the level of nicotine, if you want any.

For the first time an alternative nicotine delivery system is available that closely simulates a real smoking experience. The e-cigarette is looking very promising and is already revolutionizing the way many people smoke.

These are the main e-cigarette advantages compared to tobacco cigarettes:

  • No tobacco and No Tar

    Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar, real smoke nor other chemicals like traditional cigarettes.

  • No Smoke and Lingering Odor

    The electronic cigarette vapor dissipates quickly and has essentially no smell.

  • Saves Money – Cheaper than Real Cigarettes

    Electronic cigarettes can save you money: nicotine refills are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.

  • Replicates Smoking Experience – Satisfies Cravings

    An electronic cigarette delivers nicotine but also let’s regular smokers experience the physical action of smoking.

  • No Stained Teeth

    Electronic cigarettes do not stain your teeth.

  • Use Anytime or Anywhere!

    Since electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, emit no second hand smoke, and are non-flammable their use should not be prohibited under most laws.

  • Choice of Flavor and Strength

    Electronic Cigarette cartridges come in various nicotine flavors and strengths of nicotine. From Tobacco flavor to Apple and from no nicotine to high nicotine levels.

  • Environment Friendly / Green

    There are no cigarette buds to dispose which litter and can cause wildfires.

  • Makes Others Happy!

    All the above benefits will be greatly appreciated by your friends and family!

It’s Official: FDA Can’t Regulate E-Cigs

The Food and Drug Administration has lost another battle in its fight to regulate what goes into so-called electronic cigarettes. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Jan. 24 said it would not review a decision blocking the products from FDA regulation as medical devices. An FDA spokesman said the […]

Court Ruling: FDA Can’t Regulate E-Cigarettes

HALLANDALE, FL–(Marketwire – 12/08/10) – Vapor Corp. is delighted to announce yesterday’s significant victory for the electronic cigarette industry. The U.S. federal appeals court found that as long as electronic cigarettes aren’t marketed as a way to treat or cure a disease, i.e., smoking cession aids, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration lacks the authority […]

The SafeCig Beats Smoking Ban in Virginia

Glad to bring you some good news in the ongoing battle between FDA and electronic cigarette companies. The SafeCig has affirmed its name by beating the ban in Virginia.

FDA Blocking Research of E-Cigarette

The FDA has attempted to ban an alternative to smoking called the electronic cigarette, has attempted to define the device as a drug delivery device and is continuing to seize imports of e-cigarettes. 

Now Spike Babaian, the President of the National Vapers’ Club, a consumers’ organization set up to promote and protect the product, claims […]

Support Grows for Workplace Smoking Bans

The majority of smokers and employers worldwide are now in support of 1005 smoke-free work sites, suggesting the need for new smoking bans and a global cessation program. Employees and employers from Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey and the United Kingdom took part in a global […]

Vapor War

By William Saletan Originally Posted on Slate Magazine Wednesday, June 3, 2009, at 10:44 AM ET Our irrational hostility toward electronic cigarettes. First there was smoked tobacco. Then there was smokeless tobacco. Now there’s something in between. It’s vaporized nicotine, aka “vaping.” It isn’t quite tobacco, and it isn’t quite smoking. Should we ban it, […]

Electronic Cigarette To Be Used In Medical Treatment

Electronic Cigarette May Help To Cure Depression And Number Of Other Illnesses Research on nicotine and its exact affect on depression is in its early stages, however the signs at present are that it can aid the symptoms, which will give hope to millions around the world who suffer from depression and the misery it […]

FDA Smoke Screen on Electronic Cigarettes

Following up on FDA’s warnings about the possible dangers of electronic cigarettes, I searched the net for more information, and the most valid article I found, that basically sums it all up, was written by Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, the president of the American Council on Science and Health. It is quoted here below in full. […]