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Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – Are They Here to Stay?

Traditional electronic cigarettes are fundamentally made up of three parts, a battery, and atomiser and a nicotine−containing cartridge.

With NicoLite disposable electronic cigarettes the atomiser has been combined with the cartridge to make a more efficient, more reliable, simply to use product, when puffing on the nicolite, it asorbs nicotine into the body the same way as when we smoke real cigarettes and you exhale an odourless vapour giving a the user a real smoking sensation. Also they comein a range of strengths and flavours.

Simply screw the two pieces together and NicoLite is ready to use.

Each NicoLite lasts between the equivalent of 25 30 traditional cigarettes. (Based on £6.00 for a pack of 20), NicoLite is up to a third cheaper than traditional cigarettes and feels and tastes like the real thing!

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