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C3X – The New Long Lasting Cirrus E-Cig

White Cloud, one of the most reputable electronic cigarette manufacturers, has just announced the launch of their new e-cigarette model – Cirrus3X. It is expected to become available by October 21, 2011, but is already available for PRE-ORDER.

The C3X is the longest lasting electronic cigarette made by WhiteCloud. The battery gives out more than 600 puffs on a single charge and its size is still small. To accomplish this, the company created the ChargeBolt USB Charger, which can deliver such potency.

This kit is suitable for moderate to very heavy smokers who hate the constant recharging requirements and mammoth size of other electronic cigarette brands.

The C3X is compatible with all SmoothDraw Cartridges.

Take a look at the Cirrus_comparison_chart to see how the C3X compares to other Cirrus models.

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