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Cirrus3 – The Lightest E-Cig Is Here

White Cloud, the manufacturer of Cirrus line of electronic cigarettes, have recently launched a new model of their electronic cigarette that will be popular with social smokers. Cirrus3 is so light you can hold it in your hand, while you talk, like a real cigarette.

After having tried more than a dozen different e-cig brands, I put Cirrus II on my top 3 e-cigs list.  It is such a robust, clean and potent vaping device, the only thing that bothers me is its weight. Unfortunately, it is so heavy that all the time you are aware it is an electronic device and not a real cigarette. You can’t hold it easily between your fingers. After you inhale, you have to put it down. And that kills the whole feeling.

When I heard that White Cloud is preparing to launch Cirrus3, I was very excited. This new model is designed to be much lighter than previous e-cigs and a full inch shorter than a traditional cigarette. To be able to hold an e-cig between your fingers without noticing its weight is a break through in this young industry.

My Cirrus3 Starter Kit arrived yesterday. The package is very small, and dare I say, cute. The kit contains an AC adapter, a USB charger, 5 SmoothDraw Cartridges (flavor of your choice), and 3 batteries. The 3 batteries came in handy, as I was able to share the experience with two friends who dropped in, and were as excited to try the Cirrus3 e-cig as much as I was. We all agreed that it was noticeably lighter than any other e-cig we have tried.

As I have Cirrus II, we were able to compare the two models. The SmoothDraw cartridges deliver full flavor as with Cirrus II. Yet another improvement we all noted is that Cirrus3 model seems to provide a quicker vapor draw. No need to suck on it hard, just inhale as you would a traditional cigarette. Really cool.

In the user manual provided, it says that the Cirrus3 battery provides approximately 180-200 puffs before needing a recharge. One SmoothDraw cartridge is equivalent to about 40 tobacco cigarettes. I haven’t had time to verify this, but knowing White Cloud from before, I am inclined to trust the information given.

In conclusion, Cirrus3 has officially become my favorite e-cig. If you are serious about switching to electronic cigarettes, don’t think twice about investing money in a high quality device you can use for years to come.


  1. Cathy Yosha says

    I had tried 2 other e cigarettes, sorry don’t know what they were cause friends just gave me one and I never felt they were good enough to know the name. I finally was given a try of White Cloud and have been able to quit smoking after 30 years. This was important to me as I was diagnosed with COPD and had to quit. I love the taste and the feel of White Cloud. I live with a smoker and am not even tempted by his cigarettes even though I see them and smell them several times a day. I truly feel like I am smoking with White Cloud. I love the strengths they offer. I smoke the light strength on regular days and the regular when I am out dining or having drinks. I haven’t had any problems with their customer service. I order online only and have never had an order come late. (this is very important to me)I urge every smoker I know to try White Cloud.

  2. Chip Carter says

    How about the 3X? Amazing product. Battery lasts for hours — if you pack two of them you can get through any day without worrying about a recharge, it’s been great traveling for work. I don’t miss those horrible days of trying to find some place to smoke a cigarette at an airport one bit. And on an airplane… I know they say you’re not supposed to use them, but if I get up and go to the restroom, who’s to know! Awesome. And I’ve also found that if I discreetly cup the unit in my hand, take a hit and hold it in, the vapor will dissipate and I can get a nic-fix anywhere. My wife and I have both quit analogs in the last three years. We tried a lot of brands, but White Cloud did the trick for us, even though it’s probably the most expensive brand on the market. Quality costs, people. The 3X has been everything it’s advertised to be — White Cloud has continued to innovate and make its products better for the three years we’ve been using them and we’re looking forward to more and even better.

  3. The Komarnitzky's says

    This is the best e-cigarette I have found yet.
    For years my daughter has begged me to quit smoking. I have tried all the possible way’s available to men (or women)on the market. If there was a way I was there. I tried cold turkey, patch’s hypnosis and even a medical procedure called kicknic. Well it’s obvious to say none of them worked.
    I even tried to quit one Christmas promising both my kids that this was it…After 10 min’s at my house on Christmas day my little girl said daddy it’s ok go get a pack of cigarettes.
    That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I went back to trying everything nothing worked. Then one day (about 3 months ago) the White Cloud Kiosk in The Mall. I went up and talk with the salesperson to see what this was all about. After explain everything he could I was still a little skeptical to try it out, when up came a women to get a pack of cartridges.
    So I ask her if this system was any good, and she said it was the only thing that seems to work. I thought what have I got to lose right. Well I WOULD HAVE LOST BIG TIME if I would have said no. I have gone from FULL-NICTONE TO NO- NICOTINE ESPRESSOSO in 3 month’s Using the White Could System My Kids couldn’t be happier and nether could I.
    I would recommend this system to anyone. The draw feels the same as regular cigarettes, The taste is fantastic (especially if you try some of the other flavors’ like vanilla chocolate, espresso favorite). Some review’s have said It’s a little expense to start, but compared to what you pay for cigarettes you get your money (and Health) back in about a month.
    My Kids couldn’t be happier and nether could I.


  4. I am 36 years old, and had been a 2-pack/day smoker for over 20 years until I was introduced to White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes by my girlfriend about 9 months ago. I had tried other electronic cigarettes of lesser quality, like the disposable ones available at gas stations and convenience stores, and found them to be an unacceptable substitute…more like a gimmick, than a true replacement for smoking tobacco. They were made of poor quality materials, did not taste good, did not convincingly replicate the feeling of smoking, and were really just not well thought out, or pleasant to use.
    From the moment I first held a White Cloud Electronic Cigarette, I knew that I was dealing with a drastically superior product; The White Cloud concept is built around high-quality, long lasting, rechargeable batteries coupled with disposable, nicotine-vapor “smooth-draw” cartridges. White Cloud has succeeded in replicating the “feel” of smoking through the use of high quality components and well thought-out design. There are battery options to suit every budget, and each disposable cartridge provides the equivalent of 2-packs of traditional cigarettes at a fraction of the cost.
    Not only is the transition from “real” cigarettes to White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes seamless, it is also far less expensive and more convenient than smoking traditional cigarettes. I have proudly introduced many close friends and family members to White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, and it is a truly great feeling to help others free themselves from smoking tobacco!
    Please, do yourself and your loved ones a favor, and give it a try. They have recently introduced a low-cost disposable model that makes it simple, and inexpensive to get started.

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