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Review of Cirrus II E-Cigarette by WhiteCloud

I received my Cirrus II Kit only 3 days after I ordered it online from WhiteCloud, and considering that I am in Europe I was quite impressed with such express delivery. Upon opening the package I was further pleasantly surprised with the clean, minimalistic design (so obviously not like cheap Chinese versions with those horrid gold-embroidered emblems).

The first thing I noticed, I must say, is the simplicity of its application. This is an important one for me as I have a hard time with instruction manuals. Basically, the Cirrus II e-cig comes in two parts: the battery, which makes up the body of the cigarette, and a cartridge, that looks like the traditional cigarette filter. You screw on the cartridge to the battery and voila! You are all set to start vaping!

What I inhaled wasn’t smoke, but it sure felt like it. The real surprise came with what I exhaled:  a CLOUD of smoke!  (No kidding, it crossed my mind instantly that the name WhiteCloud was appropriate for the company).  I quickly inhaled again, and there it was, one more time!  Honestly, I didn’t expect so much smoke, or the real ‘inhaling’ sensation.

The Cirrus II Kit contains two batteries, a USB charger, and a selection of five different flavor cartridges. My favorite by far is espresso; really, truly a coffee flavor when you smoke, which I find especially goes well  with green tea. (You see, I’m trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle, so coffee and cigarettes are getting exchanged for e-cig and green tea!)

Cirrus II e-cigarette is slightly bigger than a normal cigarette, and I am guessing it will take me some time to get used to holding it between my fingers as naturally as it comes with traditional cigarette.

When I vape Cirrus e-cig in public places, it always causes quite a big show the moment I take the first puff and the light on the tip turns red. Most people have seen e-cigs once or twice before, and they all remark on the cloud of smoke that is notably bigger than with the other e-cigarettes.

All in all, this is a high quality electronic cigarette that will sell itself to you the moment you touch it.


To visit WhiteCloud website, click here.

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