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E-Cigarette You Can Hold In Your Hand

While electronic cigarettes do address the nicotine addiction by supplying various strengths of nicotine cartridges, they have failed to satisfy the “social smokers”, whose habit relies on holding the cigarette as much as inhaling it. Most social smokers complain that e-cigs are too heavy to hold, and they are right. After all, an e-cig is made of metal, not paper.

However, with the advancement of technology, electronic cigarettes are being perfected, and I’m happy to say that weight is not an issue anymore. White Cloud, the manufacturer of Cirrus line of electronic cigarettes, have now launched a new model of their electronic cigarette that will be popular with social smokers. Cirrus 3 is so light you can hold it in your hand, while you talk, like a real cigarette. Here you can read the full Cirrus 3 review.

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