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Vapor War

By William Saletan Originally Posted on Slate Magazine Wednesday, June 3, 2009, at 10:44 AM ET Our irrational hostility toward electronic cigarettes. First there was smoked tobacco. Then there was smokeless tobacco. Now there’s something in between. It’s vaporized nicotine, aka “vaping.” It isn’t quite tobacco, and it isn’t quite smoking. Should we ban it, […]

EverSmoke – The New Electronic Cigarette Brand

EverSmoke is a completely new electronic cigarette brand. It was launched after a year and a half of research and development, and it will quite possibly become the leader in the industry due to its many useful features. Here’s a brief summary of EverSmoke strengths: Charging Pack – Charges batteries on the go (similar to […]

Mad Man Smoking – The Good Old Days

For those of you who have forgotten just how big a part smoking played in our lives, watch this video! Imagine what they would have done with electronic cigarettes…!

E-Cigs The Best No Smoking Zone Device

Electronic cigarettes are the only no smoking zone device, unless you are going to break the law or pretend you can get by with patches and gum – which, if you are a real smoker, you can’t. Now, whether you want to quit or not, the no smoking zone forces you either to stay away, […]

C3X – The New Long Lasting Cirrus E-Cig

White Cloud, one of the most reputable electronic cigarette manufacturers, has just announced the launch of their new e-cigarette model – Cirrus3X. It is expected to become available by October 21, 2011, but is already available for PRE-ORDER. The C3X is the longest lasting electronic cigarette made by WhiteCloud. The battery gives out more than […]

Electronic Cigarette – An Effective Alternative To Smoking

The SafeCig, together with CASAA, have filed a petition with The White House asking for the recognition of electronic cigarettes as an effective alternative to smoking. They are requesting the Obama Administration to recognize electronic cigarettes as an alternative needs signature and to support the creation of jobs in this new industry. Scientific opinion maintains […]

V2Cigs Soft Case for Electronic Cigarettes

V2 Cigs has a reputation of introducing innovative vaping products. Recently, the company has scored some big points when they launched the elegant and practical Soft Case for electronic cigarettes. The Soft Case has been manufactured to accommodate all V2 batteries. It is designed to provide cushion as well as the much needed protection to […]

The SafeCig MICRO – New Small Ecigarette

The SafeCig has just added a new product to their line, The SafeCig MICRO. It aims to be the smallest electronic cigarette with a variety of 13 new tobacco flavors: Traditional, Classic, Menthol, Brazilian, Columbian, Madagascar, Madrid, Mandalay, Moroccan, Royale, Saharan, Trinidad, and Turkish. Each Micro Battery will last 1 to 2 smoking hours. The […]

The Safe Cig Launches Improved Refill Cartridges

E-cigarettes may be a young industry, but their technology is quickly developing. Major electronic cigarette brands are making great progress with regards to technological innovations in vaping. Recently we saw the launch of Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartridges, designed to last longer, give more vapor and more flavor. Now the Safe Cig electronic cigarettes are introducing […]

Volcano Launches The New 2 Piece E-Cig

Volcano Ecigs have just launched their latest VOLCANO STARTER KIT. The new kit now comes with 5 refillable Cartomizers, which makes this a 2 piece e-cig instead of the normal 3 piece Volcano. They are still offering competitive pricing on this new volcano kit starting at just $64.99. The highest performing Volcano ecig and most […]