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Miley Cyrus to Join Mile-High Smoking Club

One of our favorite e-cig brands, SouthBeachSmoke, has invited Miley Cyrus to join their smoking club. Electronic cigarette is a vaping device, and a great alternative to bong, as Miley is soon to find out. To read the whole story, visit TMZ.COM Here you can read a detailed SouthBeachSmoke review. And if you want to […]

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarettes

South Beach Smoke’s e-cigarettes are quickly making a name for themselves in the young electronic cigarette industry. Their vaping device is high-tech, nicotine cartridge doesn’t leak, and there is no on or off switch on the e-cigarettes. As you inhale, the orange LED light at the tip glows like a real cigarette to let you […]

South Beach Smoke Coupon Code – 15% Off

Here comes the latest great deal from South Beach Smoke, and it’s going to blow you away. They are practically giving away their Premium Starter Kit with HDP for just $19.99. This price beats all the competition. As of now, South Beach Smoke offers the lowest price you’ll find anywhere on an Electronic Cigarette Starter […]

South Beach Smoke E-Cigs Halloween Promotion

Here is an opportunity to purchase any South Beach Smoke e-cigarette deluxe starter kit for a significantly lower price. To get 10% OFF use coupon code: DEL1010.

Save $100 With South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

For a limited time only, get a FREE $100 Gas Rebate Certificate with any South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. Now that’s serious value… it’s like getting your South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for FREE!